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Fun Punk 'N 'Roll

The Bounty Breakers - ein Rock'n'Roll Overdrive Trio mit Nachklingel-Garantie aus Wiesbaden-Wunderbar! Die Bühne bringen sie mit ihrer exquisiten Rock Energie zum Beben. Das dynamische Dreiergespann besteht aus den talentierten: Christiano `Sunny´ Beaufanto, auch bekannt als Beat Beast Van der Master Mic, Crescendo Cat [moi] und dem dreifachen Paddi O Lee. Seit geraumer Zeit an ihren Instrumenten mit Leidenschaft und seit schönster Jugend miteinander bekannt. Die Stimmung prima, rockwilliges Echtbrett! Mit frech frischem Charme ziehen sie in ihren urspeziellen Bann.


The Bounty Breakers' Tunes:

2. Firewerewolf

Boner Stoner 

Angelo`s Song - Immer auf der Suche


Mixed Kiss

Cold Star



1. Moumou Lakka & the Pippi      

      Men Show

  G-Point Blues 

  GG-Allin Bite it  Cover 

  Someday  Txt


  Show me

  Bounty Breaker

  Bruce Lee

  Gentle Rain

  Harry & Marry

  This Song  Txt



DON`T LET ANY SINGLE SOUL DOWN - You gotta yeaho in the ghetto. You just can see what they all over the world decide for you, or try to do so. Bad decisions for people in Africa, both Americas, Down Under + Europe, Asia with India. Hey, this kind of thinking is just a circle. It goes round + round. [O yeah.] - Much too many crawl digging in the dirty ground, having no water, no medicine, no education, no hope, having no peace at all. - That`s what I call a tragedy! Don`t let any single soul down.  - We see + saw all this blood + horror, big crime + ignorance, misery + hardship almost everywhere. Easy to say no … no, no.  Oh, it`s easy to say never. -  Maybe you recollect what nonsense was performed by yourself - I mean the little things. Times when you give a no, instead of an appropriate yes. Such, I mean such stupid things - lalalalala. … Whatever neurology says about. -  You see the blinded blinded by the blind. But there`s a light. Come on we set sail to prove this, there must be our light. For life, it can be so wonderful. [+ it`s so beautiful with only a few things that are being given solid ground.] Don t let any single soul down. -  So even right now, by the music, beat + sound.  We are part of the culture, we get loud.  - - - -  We are part of the culture, we get loud. -  Don`t let a single soul down. Don`t let any single soul down. Come on let`s make a world of real competition. We are made for real competition, say, just for fair competition.  -  Well, let the rich be rich a bit + the poor let ´m poor if they want to be poor. [poor poor poor] But who wants to be way too poor?! I guess no one. -  And it really needs to sing this song here again as throughout all of history + before. Yeah, I`m gonna play it again. Don`t let a single soul down. Don`t let a single soul down. Don`t let any single soul down.  ...












0.  Tunes - Hardriff/Overdrive/Slow&Fast/     SET

1.   Abstandsdemokratie (2018)  Über ein demokratisches Wahlrecht.


3.   Tedin liest Lyrik

4.   Da gaußt mich doch der Milliardär (2025)  Über Superreichtum




                                               ... It`s time to realize the thing that`s shining through reality as we all know ...


Old Song   Instr.

Nice Times

Desert Song Txt V

Desert Song 2 (NT)

Who sent us here

On the Run Karaoke




Florid Sunshine Song

No Priest  Txt

Slow Someday   Txt  V

Bromberries Txt  Bromberris-Vid

Opal Blue  

Gentle Rain  Txt

Single Soul  Txt

Melodies  Txt

Walking  Txt

Sweet Loving  sketch Txt  Sweet Loving  prototype

Le Vent Txt

Open Song

Josephine Skizze  Txt  Josephine  prototype

Future Song Txt


Cerchi dell`amore


et al. 


   Tedin who? 


Bei der Arbeit !


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